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iPhone 4S Costs only $39 at WalMart

If you’re an avid Apple fan who loves Apple products and uses them daily, then you probably can’t wait until September rolls around for the release of the new iPhone 5S. And if you really can’t wait, you’ll be sure to love the fact that Walmart has

The Price for iPhone 5 Resale and Trade-In

Although the iPhone 5S is not expected to be released until September, it is not that long from now and here are a few options you might want to consider before getting it, such as the price for the iPhone 5 S. Here we will try to

iPhone 5 Prices Drop at Walmart

Although Walmart’s iPhone 5 prices are already set at a very low everyday price of US$189, consumers can now get their phones at a much lower price of just $129 thanks to Walmart’s new deal with Apple. However, the price change will only be applied to phones